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Coffee service, our job

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Your delicious coffee


with ease…


— a fair price
— direct purchase
— support for small producers
— respect for the environment

Now it's even easier…
Delicious fair trade coffee every hour is possible thanks to the

coffee machines from Oxfam Fair Trade: a formula developed

especially for offices, schools, corporate restaurants.

The advantages of our formula:

We treat you (on the occasion of events), rent or sell you your

coffee machine. You then pay for your coffee according to your

shopping forecast.


The MT100 fits for filter coffee. Simple and fast, directly in the thermos air pot.

In 7 minutes you can make 17 cups of coffee. You make them with ground coffee

or with ‘sachets’: ready made paper bags filled with 70g of coffee. Easy to use, and

always the same recipe. Perfect for big and small events!

Filter coffee

In 30 seconds you can make a fresh cup of espresso coffee.

This machine is easy to maintain and perfectly fits in small offices.



This fully automatic professional machine is ideal for big offices, schools, companies, …

A solid low-energy and user-friendly coffee machine that is easy to maintain

and makes your coffee in numerous varieties which you can program yourself:

from a strong espresso, to a perfect cappuccino or just a simple delicious black coffee.

Also in thermos.



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