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Looking for fairtrade products for your business, your school or organisation ?

At Oxfam Fair Trade we have been fairtrade coffee specialists since many years. If you offer our coffee in your organisation, you can be assured that your employees will start the day in an excellent mood. And your visitors will be impressed.

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​Looking for an original gift that makes sense for your colleagues, your customers, your loved ones? Oxfam has fair trade products for every occasion.

Flip through our gift brochure and get inspired.

We help you to compose a beautiful package, tailored to your budget.

Do you want fair trade products on a daily basis?
Our team ensures a delivery service everywhere in the Brussels Capital Region every Thursday.
We help you to organize practically to ensure you the best service.

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Saint Nicholas chocolates you can enjoy to the fullest. Because: it’s of the best quality, made according to Belgian tradition… and fair trade. You’ll be doing yourself, your colleagues, and our cocoa partners a great favour.


When you choose Bite to Fight chocolate, you are contributing directly to a sustainable future for farmers and their families.


Even the Easter bunny stands up for a fair income!

Is the Easter bunny bringing fair chocolate to you and your colleagues this year? Oxfam Fair Trade offers a selection of delicious Easter chocolate of the finest quality, made in the Belgian artisanal tradition and with fair products from the South.


Oxfam Fair Trade collaborates with small local cooperations of cocoa farmers, paying them a fair price. To us that is the bare minimum. And when everyone gets what they are entitled to, chocolate tastes even better, doesn’t it?

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