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Bite to fight during Easter. A delicious chocolate with fair trade cocoa!


An Easter chocolate that you can fully enjoy. Because it is of the best quality,

made according to the Belgian tradition and fair trade. Something to please you,

but also your colleages and our cocoa producing partners.

We can tell you the secret where the Easter bunny hid his eggs this year.

The Easter bunny has left his chocolate eggs with us especially for our customers!

The cocoa of this Bite to Fight chocolate comes from our Ivorian partner CPR Canaan.

For this cocoa, Oxfam Fair Trade pays an additional premium, in addition to the price

and the fair trade premium. The cocoa cooperative invests this additional premium

in a sustainable way. Together, they thus guarantee a viable income for each family.

A sustainable income is a human right. It must cover the essential costs of living,

such as food, housing, education, health care... while leaving a pear for thirst.

By buying Bite to Fight chocolate, you are directly helping cocoa farmers and their families to build a sustainable future.

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