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Win-win with Saint Nicholas. Delicious chocolate with fair cocoa!

Saint Nicholas chocolates you can enjoy to the fullest. Because: it’s of the best quality, made according to Belgian tradition… and fair trade. You’ll be doing yourself, your colleagues, and our cocoa partners a great favour.


Those who’ve been good get fair-trade chocolate. Because Saint Nicholas not only loves ‘goodies’; he also stands up for a living income.

The cocoa in this Bite to Fight chocolate comes from our Ivorian partner CPR Canaan. Oxfam Fair Trade pays an extra premium for the cocoa in addition to the fair-trade price and premium. The cocoa cooperative sustainably invests this extra premium. This is how they achieve a living income for each family together. A living income is a human right. It covers the cost of essentials such as food, rent, education, healthcare, etc. and it provides a bit of a nest egg.

When you choose Bite to Fight chocolate, you are contributing directly to a sustainable future for farmers and their families.

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